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Know your Ranil, from one honest Tamil politician!


“It is quite honestly a disgrace, that he (Ranil) of all people should poke fun at a young man who I think is very serious. He is serious because he’s putting his life in jeopardy. The stakes are high in this. The fact that Wasantha Mudalige and Siridhamma Galwewa thero are being targeted in this way, shows how serious leaders they are. And they are being deliberately punished for no crimes at all. Because if they had committed crimes, they’ll be evidence. Every time the Supreme Court asked, as well as now the Magistrates Court have asked, there has been no evidence given. And they’re not indicted. And now once the Detention Order lapsed, because it came under such heavy criticism, new cases are being created, so that they can somehow be incarcerated. So question is why is this targeting taking place?

….when the people and youth are willing to stand up and call into question and hold those leaders accountable to the mandate that they gave, that they must be crushed. And for that reason you need the PTA. You can tell your international partners that you’re not going to use it. That you’re going to repeal it. But you’re using it to the hilt. Because we all know, with the PTA, there is no justice. There is no law. There is no order. It is completely to be used at the whims and fancies of those who are ruling the police and the military. The Tamils more than anybody else knows that. And that is why we stand in solidarity with those youth. With the people who are struggling. 

They were struggling in a non violent way. Why don’t you say that also? When Ranil Wickremesinghe became Prime Minister, he invited people to continue to struggle. Probably because he wanted to oust the President….at that time it wasn’t terrorism. But when did that struggle turn violent? Who created the violence first? Members of this House. It is members of this House that instigated the violence. But that part of it is completely forgotten. But the counter violence….you have destroyed their economy, you’ve destroyed their livelihood. Today they can only afford one meal a day. That is not destruction of the people’s way of life. That’s fine. All that is allowed. But, we in this House, particularly those opposite, must be protected. So you use the PTA.” – MP TNPF News Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam – 



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