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LankaWeb – A proposal to sell more than 1/3 of your country for $52b! – Lankaweb

Ramanie de Zoysa

Tamils for Biden: “Sri Lanka’s economic crisis is due to many factors. One major factor is the war and the money that Sri Lanka borrowed to buy destructive weapons.”

Response: Yes, the brutal war you terrorists heaped on us was the number one cause! Sri Lanka didn’t have any smart weaponry when the LTTE declared war on the State in July 1983; nor did Sri Lanka acquire hardcore weapons for another two and a half decades and the LTTE killing machine went on and on butchering people. Remind yourself of the Aranthalawa massacre, Anuradhapura attack, Kent and Dollar farms massacres, Dalada Maligawa attack, Kebithigollawa massacre, Central Bank bombing… and the list is endless! The last straw was the aerial bombardment of the Colombo city! In this environment, what do you expect the SLG to do? Play marbles till you cannibals flattened the whole country to the ground?

Tamils for Biden: “…Another is the massive corruption among government and defense department officials.”

Response: No arguments here; corruption among the politicians and officials is the biggest problem. Among the top corrupt names we notice Tamil names! Tamil Nadu is one of the most corrupt places on earth! So, we are not holding our breath until you lot come here and do any better!

Tamils for Biden:”… major reason for the crisis is the ethnic cleansing that forced most of the Tamils to quit small businesses, high tech-related jobs, manufacturing, exportation, and training, impeding Sri Lanka’s economic development, managerial efficiency, and productivity.”

Response: Now where’s the ‘ha ha’ emoji when you need it?!!! Who did ethnic cleansing? You Tamils or the SLG? You swine attacked Kent and Dollar farms and made mince meat out of people, infants, pregnant women and the old! You drove out Sinhala and Muslim inhabitants from the area you were occupying through sheer terror and violence? On the other hand you Tamils were very comfortable living, making money and enjoying government subsidised education and healthcare (even food in the 1940s, 50s) in ANY part of the country!

As for your inference that Sri Lanka collapsed economically because you violent, sadistic, racists left the country – Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

Tamils for Biden: “Racial discrimination in education and jobs, government oppression, land grabbing, the many pogroms (ethnic riots), plus countless other anti-Tamil actions have forced Tamils to leave Sri Lanka.”

Response: You say you had racial discrimination in education and jobs? The free education up to the level of first degree has been available in this country for every citizen and resident from the time Brits left! No one is denied any subsidies, be it in education, health or food! We can’t say the same about the Tamils though! Once a Tamil gets into a position they generally discriminated against everyone else – that is why WE left the country! You were not forced to leave Sri Lanka! You instigated the 1983 riots when you slaughtered 13 soldiers who were going about their daily duty! You engineered the 1983 riots, set fire to own houses, took photos and got asylum in wealthy countries like the US. That is why now you are there, kissing Biden’s axse!

Tamils for Biden: “It did not happen overnight. It started with the ethnic riots of 1977.”

Response: Damn right! It started with the Vadukkodai Resolution of 1972 when your leaders announced their desire to walk in shoes made of Sinhala skins. You racist scum!

Tamils for Biden: “Sri Lanka has maintained 90% of its military in Tamil areas, replacing Hindu temples with Buddhist symbols that Tamils hate to see in their neighborhoods and seizing the Tamils’ land.”

Response: Sri Lanka stations its military where there is anti-National mischief and daily security breaches! Yes, that’s right! Those are where you thieves live.

Replacing Hindu temples with Buddhist symbols? From end to end Sri Lanka has been inhabited by the Sinhala over the last 30,000 or so years. The country converted to Buddhism 2566 years ago. Since then every architectural excavation on this land finds Buddhist temples and Buddhist cultural structures- absolutely no Hindu monuments! We don’t need to replace anything as we have always been accommodating!

Tamils hate to see Buddhist symbols- yes, we know! Your racism is well known- well documented throughout history!

Tamils for Biden: “There are two million Tamils from Sri Lanka who proudly call them Eelam Tamils and live in foreign countries. Most of them are financially well-off, highly educated, and well trained and experienced in various fields.”

Response: Yes, those 2 million are well educated thanks to Sri Lanka’s free education! We are proud of it too!

Tamils for Biden: “A sovereign Tamil nation would survive without any economic trouble. Tamils will bring in highly skilled members of the diaspora to run the economy and other institutions in the sovereign Tamil Nation.”

Response: As for sovereign Tamil nation being without any economic trouble- just take a peek at neighbouring Tamil Nadu where 70 million Tamils live- 99.9% of the population are beggars!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Bring in your highly skilled diaspora to run the country- No way! the Dutch brought those “highly skilled” hoards in 1700s to grow tobacco and to build roads; the Brits brought another herd in the 1800s to grow tea! No more! Thanks!

Tamils for Biden: “If Sri Lanka agrees to amicable separation, the Tamil diaspora is ready to sign a treaty to pay Sri Lanka’s foreign debt.”

Response: You know very well where you can stick your drug running, prostitute pimping, credit – card – frauding dirty money! Stick it now!


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