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Let us all get together to build a pleasant Sri Lanka with a bright future – Tilvin Silva


General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva invites everyone to unite in the struggle to build a pleasant Sri Lanka where all the people will have a better future.
He made this invitation while addressing the Convention of the Bandaragama Constituency of the National People’s Power (NPP).
Speaking further, the General Secretary of the JVP said, “Constituency conventions of the NPP are being held all over the country, and we are holding the first constituency convention of Kalutara district in Bandaragama today. It is becoming clear to us that a large number of people are gathering around us. The Rajapaksas, who destroyed the country by saying, ‘let’s stand up with Mahinda’ have been able to hold small meetings. The things that happened to this country after Mahinda was raised are quite enough. Now we need to raise the people to build the country that the Rajapaksas destroyed and put the NPP, which has won the people’s trust to lead the people and control the country. The next government will be formed by none other than the NPP.
Mahinda Rajapaksa left the Prime Ministership and ran away on May 9th. Basil Rajapaksa had to leave the Ministry of Finance on the ninth of June. On the 9th of July, Gotabaya Rajapaksa ran away from the presidency due to a massive public uprising. Because of this, the old mandate is not valid for the government now. Ranil Wickramasinghe does not have the power to become president with the mandate received by Gotabaya. However, the people were not allowed to establish a ruler of their choice and a government of their choice.
Ranil Wickramasinghe is a person who the people did not even give a seat. After forty-five years of his politics, he was expelled without even being a member of parliament. Therefore, Ranil Wickramasinghe, who was elected from the national list, became the president and is ruling the country due to the conspiracy of the Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Meanwhile, he is making various conspiracies to postpone the elections as his uncle did. We remind him that this is not his uncle’s time. People are leaving old parties and colours and are joining one front. They are rallying with the NPP.
During this period, there is no end to the burden of tax upon tax. A person earning Rs. 100,000 per month has been taxed starting at 6%, and all those earning above that have been taxed up to 36%. Taxing more than one-third of a person’s income is not a small thing. Because of this, the top officials of the banking system are preparing to retire. Those with the highest knowledge and creative abilities who are doing other jobs are also leaving the country. These rulers brought down the economy, production fell, the country also fell. While imposing taxes on the people, the rulers also have allowed inflation to rise, and people are unable to bear it. The people cannot exist like this.
These people who brought down the country have no plan to recover the country. However, they carry on regardless and they have nothing to worry. Mr. Sajith Premadasa, who goes from place to place these days, tells various stories. But, he has no policy. He and those around him did not vote against a single bill that was brought by the government in recent days and were harmful to the people. They are standing between two worlds. They did not oppose bills Ranil presented, such as the mini-budget and the amendment bill to destroy the Petroleum Corporation. Only seven councillors opposed the bill to break up the petroleum corporation and sell it piece by piece. Out of those seven, three are members of the NPP. Sajith did not oppose nor did he support the bill. He has no principles. No backbone. Meanwhile, the village women of Tissamaharama had said that Mahinda should see Nirvana. We also say that he should see Nirvana.
They have made borrowing a culture and have stolen more than we can imagine. Four or five people have stolen the money of the entire country. There is a little traits about how Priyamali robbed the money that was revealed a few days ago. Priyamani gave the works to those black money men who plundered the country’s money. People who have lost money to Priyamali do not go to the police to complain. If they complain, they should disclose how the money was earned. On the other hand, those guys have plenty of money. Meanwhile, the priest of the Abhayarama Temple is involved in this through a female member of the Colombo City Council. It is said that the priest’s ‘V 8’ vehicle was taken by the Pohottu MP and not returned. ‘V8’ is one of the most valuable vehicles available in this country. In response to the monk’s accusation, the councilor says that the monk took Rs. 50 million from her. Even if she had lost 50 million, that MP would not complain. How she save Rs. 50 million from the municipal councilor’s salary? If a municipal councilor has Rs. 50 million, how much will Rajapaksas have? This is a gang that has destroyed the country and looted billions of public wealth. Now they are addicted to robbery and looting. They carry on despite nearing their graves.They are trying to hang on to power to steal more and avoid lawsuits for stolen money.
Comrade Rohana Wijeweera, our party’s founder, said, “Thieves fight during the day and steal together at night.” Until now, they have done this and worked to save their cases. Now both these parties have got together and steal both day and night.
Because of this, we are building the economy under the control of the NPP and implementing our policies in such a way that the benefits are distributed fairly among the entire people of the country. If we want to build a government like the one that exists, we don’t need to work like this. However, we invite everyone to join in a programme that will win the country and the people. If Mahinda Rajapaksa can betray the people who voted for Pohottuwa and make Ranil Wickramasinghe the president, then abandon such parties. Let’s all gather around the NPP, which is open to everyone. Let us all come together and rewrite the history of Sri Lanka. The people of the country are ready to join that journey and give courage. This is your time and our time. We invite everyone to join the struggle to win an election and build a beautiful Sri Lanka with a better future for all of us.”


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