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Marikkar questions on who is Adani’s local agent in Sri Lanka (Video)


Samagi Jana Balawega MP SM Marikkar says that it is doubtful that a copy of the letter sent by former CEB Chairman MC Ferdinando to the Finance Ministry regarding the proposed power project in Mannar will be sent to Namal Rajapaksa.

“The first paragraph of the letter sent by MMC Ferdinando to the Ministry of Finance on November 25, 2021 states that it is under the direction of the President. Then, as in the second paragraph, it says that not only the President but also the Prime Minister has given a direction. According to his letter, whether this is G to G or not, whether the Indian government said it or not is a different story, but the President and the Prime Minister have given a direction to the then Chairman of the CEB to give it to Adani. Then a copy of his letter has been sent to Namal Rajapaksa. Who is he? Is there a minister relevant to this subject? Why is this letter being copied to Namal Rajapaksa? Then who is Adani’s local agent in Sri Lanka? What is he involved in this discussion? ”

Marikkar stated this addressing a media briefing held yesterday (24).

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