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Martin Wijesinghe, lover of Sinharaja, bids farewell


Martin Wijesinghe, involved in the conservation of the Sinharaja Forest, which is considered a World Heritage Site and carried out many studies on it, passed away on the 23rd of this month.
He was 82 years old at the time of his death and a father of six children. He was highly respected by environmentalists and was appreciated not only in Sri Lanka but also by international environmentalists for his contribution to the protection of Sinharaja.
A statement made by Dr Jagath Gunawardena, an environmental lawyer, states the following regarding Martin Wijesinghe:
“Martin Wijesinghe, who joined the public service as a minor labourer, studied about the scientific background, biological and botanical values ​​of flora and fauna through self-study. He made a particular study of the plants found in the Sinharaja and observed the endemic birds and their behaviour. This information has been helpful to many scientists and researchers.
He has been able to conduct surveys of animals and plants in many forests. He was able to identify plants and flora, and fauna endemic to Sri Lanka. He published much of his research in print and passed it on to schoolchildren, researchers, students, and scientists. He worked hard to protect the Sinharaja rainforest, and I feel he is a part of Sinharaja.”


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