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Member of Olympic Committee too goes missing in UK!


It is reported that the number of Sri Lankans who had gone missing from the team that went to Birmingham, England to participate in the Commonwealth Games has increased to 11.

The official photographer of the National Olympic Committee is said to be the 11th person from the Sri Lankan team to have reportedly gone missing.

The escape of the Sri Lankan team members had by now hit the headlines of many international media.

It is said that doubts have been raised whether the National Olympic Committee, which is tasked with the official coordination of connecting athletes and officials to this Games, is deliberately supporting this or engaging in human trafficking.

Meanwhile, after the first escape was reported, the head of the team said that they would take over the passports of the athletes in order to prevent them escaping, but it is said that this did not happen and the passports of the two beach volleyball players who escaped yesterday were in the possession of their coach until the last moment.

Also, both men's and women's teams that participated in the beach volleyball competition representing Sri Lanka qualified for the semi-finals, but (since they arrived in Birmingham) until a day after the two players in question escaped, the representative of the National Olympic Committee was not able to find out about them and neither had they visited the hotel that they were staying.

Therefore, there is grave criticism levelled against the officials where despite dozens of officials were included in the contingent, they have failed in their duties and have used this tour as a vacation for themselves and have acted irresponsibly.


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