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Menstrual Hygiene Day: Period leave is every woman’s right, know what doctors say

Juhi Smita, Patna. For the first time in India, in 1992 in Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s government arranged for menstrual leave in government areas after a 32-day strike by women. In the year 2017, one day periods leave was started in Mumbai’s digital media company Culture in the private sector. After this companies like Mathrubhumi, Fly My Wiz, Zomato, Swiggy etc. also approved periods leave. Last year, there was a debate about the implementation of period leave in the whole country whether it would be acceptable to all institutions, establishments, companies to give such leave? And this question is still relevant today.

Menstruation Benefit Bill 2017

For the first time in the country, Congress MP from Arunachal Pradesh Ninong Ering proposed the Menstruation Benefit Bill 2017 for Periods Leave. It was said that women working in government and private sector should be given paid period leave for two days. The bill is still with the committee.

There are talks of both demand and opposition in the country.

Organizations of states like Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa etc. are demanding period leave. In November 2020, the Delhi High Court had ordered the Center and the Delhi government to decide on a petition, but nothing was decided on it. Some women are in its favor and some are against it. He says that today there is no difference between men and women. When it comes to equal rights, what is the need of periods live? On the other hand, some say that it is our right as well as it is the right of women to get this facility.

what does the survey say

According to a research published in the British Medical Journal, 14 percent of 32,748 women took a break during periods. 80 percent hid the true reason for the leave. 68 percent said they want flexible work options during this time. 31 percent worked reluctantly during this period.

what do doctors say

Periods live is the right of every working women. The mental status of women remains quite different during periods. It is very important to rest in periods that last for five days. During this there should be no physical and mental stress. Because of Liv women will not have to think about the problem of changing in those days. If the activity is less then the blood loss will also be less. Along with this, the stress at the work place will also reduce. With this, they will get a lot of rest not only physically but also mentally. ,Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Medical Superintendent, Gardiner Hospital There should be a provision of period leave for women in both private and private institutions. Blood loss in periods for every women depends on their physical structure. Some have heavy flow and some have normal periods. In such a situation, there is physical and mental stress during periods. There are complaints of irritability, mood swings, weight gain, bloating, body pain, back pain etc. during periods. The reason for this is the lack of a hormone called progesterone. In such a situation, they will feel relaxed after a day’s rest and there will be no stress. ,Dr. Meena Samant, Gynaecologist, Kurji Hospital Menstrual Hygiene Day: Due to Saheli Room, teenagers are also becoming aware along with girls.

what do women say

Whether it is a government institution or a private institution, the biology of women working everywhere is the same. In such a situation, period live should be for everyone. There is a difference between pain and bleeding in women during periods, in which case this provision helps you a lot. I myself use this live. ,Rashmi Jha, Gender Expert We have a provision for this here. Periods Live is very important for women who have trouble in those days. There should be a provision for this not only in government but in all institutions. ,Simpi Kumari, Nurse PMCH Provision of periods live is necessary for every sector. Being a professor, we have got this provision and we also use it. During periods, women have to take special care of health, hygiene and sanitation because there is a risk of infection during this time. Even WHO has accepted that during Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) in women, mood swings, anxiety, decrease in hormonal balance etc. have been seen. Taking leave reduces both physical and mental stress. ,Nidhi Singh, Magadh Women’s College Period leave is being given in government institutions since the time of Rabri’s government in Bihar. I use it sometimes. Women should get this provision in all government and private institutions. ,Pooja Kumari, SI Kotwali

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