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Military enters Galle Face protest area (Video)


A large number of armed military personnel have entered the Galle Face protest site early this morning (22).

According to senior journalist - Ranga Srilal, the military has cleared the road in front of the presidential secretariat, pushing protestors towards the protest site.

He adds that several people including a BBC cameraman have been assaulted.

According to reports, roads leading upto the Galle Face area have been closed.

Footage from the area shows the protestors urging the armed forces to return several of their fellow protestors that were arrested.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook message, President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has said that he had learnt of several arrests and assaults in the area.

"The authorities must ensure the safety of everyone and their whereabouts must be made known. I have tried to contact the IGP and also messaged the Army Commander. Unnecessary use of brute force will not help this country and its international image," he emphasises.

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