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Milk production decreases rapidly!


Despite having 1.4 million cows, the Ministry of Agriculture has planned to import heifers from India and Pakistan to breed cows due to the large drop in milk production.

The Ministry said there is a severe shortage of heifers in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, the National Livestock Development Board said that there are about 800,000 buffaloes in the country.

Though India and Pakistan have cows that can assimilate to Sri Lanka's climate, these countries have suspended the export of cows. India has halted the export of cows due to some countries like Australia allegedly stealing the genes of Indian cattle and creating new breeds.

However, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera expressed optimism that the discussions held with Indian High Commissioner Gopal Bagley to import cows will be successful.

He said that he hopes to discuss the issues with the High Commissioner of Pakistan as well to get dairy cows imported.

Source - Aruna


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