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Miss Teen has Sri Lankan origins!


The final round of 'Miss Teen International' is scheduled to begin tomorrow (30) in New Delhi, India.

A group of young women from twenty-six countries participated to represent this competition. But only nineteen young women have been lucky enough progress to the semi-finals.

Among them is Gimhani Perera, who is representing the state of Botswana, but she is of Sri Lankan origin, which is unique.

Her father is a Sri Lankan who migrated from Sri Lanka to Botswana eighteen years ago.

There is also a special reason for choosing India to host this event and that is because India's Ayushi Dholakia won the crown of 'Miss Teen International' held last year.

It is also significant that India won this crown after twenty nine years.

Accordingly, these nineteen beauties who came to India on July 22nd, spent time visiting the beautiful places of the country, and arrangements have been made to hold the final round competition from this morning in which the ten most beautiful young women will be selected.

However, the organizers have made arrangements to provide a four-year scholarship at Hollins University to all the nineteen young women who made it to the final preliminary round.


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