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Mother jumps into lake with two children!


The 32-year-old woman who had jumped into the Chandrika Lake in Embilipitiya with her two children, had died.

She was being treated at the ICU of the Embilipitiya hospital.

Sri Lanka Police said one her sons, a five-year-old boy died, and the other 11-year-old boy is being treated at the Embilipitiya Hospital.

------------ (Update : July 01, 2022  07:26pm) ---------------

A mother had jumped into the lake with her two children near the sluice gates of the Chandrika lake in Embilipitiya.

It is reported that one child had died and the mother and another child were rescued and taken to the hospital.

The mother is in critical condition and is receiving treatment in the Embilipitiya Hospital Intensive Care Unit.


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