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Motor Traffic Department to launch new Electronic Revenue Licence System


By: Staff Writer

Colombo (LNW): Motor Traffic Department will be launching the new Electronic Revenue Licence System (eRL 2.0): Revolutionizing the Vehicle Revenue Licensing Process

The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka reveled that the upcoming launch of the Electronic Revenue License System (eRL 2.0) is on October 03, 2023.

This transformative system, developed in collaboration with the Provincial Department of Motor Traffic, promises to revolutionize the vehicle revenue license issuance system, improving the efficiency of the officers while delivering enhanced services to citizens.

eRL 2.0 is scheduled to be launched initially in eight provinces, including the North Western, Southern, North Central, Central, Sabaragamuwa, Eastern, Northern, and Uva Provinces. Meanwhile, the existing system, eRL 1.0, will continue to operate in the Western Province.

To facilitate the transition to eRL 2.0, the issuance of revenue licenses at all Provincial Motor Traffic Department Head Offices and Divisional Secretariat Offices across the country will be temporarily suspended on September 27 and October 2, 2023.

Additionally, the online system for obtaining revenue licenses will also be temporarily suspended until midnight on October 6, 2023. At its core, eRL 2.0 is designed to maximize efficiency and prioritize user-centeredness.

It simplifies the complexities of the vehicle revenue license system and allows officers and citizens to experience a seamless user process that empowers them to access services effortlessly and efficiently. In embracing digitization, eRL 2.0 envisions a Government that listens to its people and responds with agility and precision.

The Electronic Revenue License System (eRL) was initially introduced in December 2009, serving as Sri Lanka’s first connected transactional Government service.

The system operates as a centralized, web-enabled platform used by Divisional Secretariats to issue vehicle revenue licenses and provides an online service (eService) for license renewal.

It connects various stakeholders, including the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT), Provincial Departments of Motor Traffic (PDMT), Insurance companies, Emission testing companies, banks, and financial organizations.

As of date, the current eRL system has benefited over 6 million users per year on average, generating revenue worth LKR 10 – 12 billion per year.

The eRL system has consistently managed the revenue license records of all vehicles in the country and is hosted on the Lanka Government Cloud (LGC). This cloud-based infrastructure has ensured smooth operation, covering all Divisional Secretariat Offices at over 550 locations Island-Wide.

The launch of eRL 2.0 marks a significant step toward a more efficient and digitally driven Government. Citizens and stakeholders are invited to embrace this transformation, heralding a future of enhanced services. 

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