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MP Sanath Nishantha accused of contempt of court!


A petition has been filed in the Court of Appeal against Ruling Party MP Sanath Nishantha accusing him to have committed contempt of court. The petition has been filed by Attorney-at-Law Priyalal Sirisena.

Nishantha recently went on public record stating that judges, the Attorney General’s Department and the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) should be held accountable for protesters accused of crime being granted bail and that these people roam free due to the law not being enforced properly. He alleged that although granting of bail on those arrested under the Antiquities Act and the Public Property Act should be carried out via the High Court, it is simply being carried out via the Magistrate Court.

Nishantha’s above comment on the judiciary is in contempt as pointed out by the petitioner and he demanded that the Ruling Party MP, therefore, should be penalised.

MP Sanath Nishantha, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) and the Attorney General have been cited in the petition as respondents.



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