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Nadesaligam family decision puts ‘important issues of principle at stake’


Sky News host Peta Credlin says the decision to allow the Murugappan family – who now wish to be known as the Nadesalingam family – to stay in Australia and return to Biloela puts “important issues of principle at stake”.

“It’s surely no accident that the prospect of a Labor government has so far produced two illegal boats from Sri Lanka in just three weeks – after none for many years under the Coalition – just as the new government has feted the Nadesalingams by giving them a visa outcome that the courts didn’t grant in any judgement,” she said.

“Right around the world, there are literally tens of millions of people, who could be tempted to risk their lives with people smugglers, to get to a better life here in Australia – if they thought that getting here meant staying here.”

Ms Credlin said under the last Labor government, border protection measures were dismantled and nearly 50,000 people illegally entered the country – and over 1,000 died trying.

She also said the Nadesaligams had applied for refugee status – and had been rejected time and again, before using youngest daughter Tharnicaa “as a way for them to stay”.

“The Prime Minister (Anthony Albanese) might have been right when he said that the Nadesalingams were ‘loved and wanted’ but he was dead wrong to state that ‘no people should be treated in that way’,” she said.

“Because how can we have sovereign borders if people who break our rules can’t be sent home?”


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