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Navy nabs 53 trying to illegally migrate by boat


Sri Lanka Navy says that 53 persons who were attempting to illegally migrate from the country by sea were apprehended.The migrants were arrested during separate search operations carried out in beach areas of Erakkandi, Trincomalee and Talpadu, Mannar last night (05).

Two human smugglers have also been arrested.

Navy.lk says :

During a special operation mounted at Erakkandi Beach on 05th July in coordination with the Kuchchaveli Police, SLNS Vijayaba in the Eastern Naval Command apprehended 46 individuals suspected to be attempting to illegally migrate from the country by sea. Among the group that was remaining at the beach were; 12 males, 11 females and 23 children.

The apprehended individuals who are from 01 to 52 years of age were identified as residents of Kinniya, Muthur and Kumburupiddi areas. The group was handed over to the Kuchchaveli Police for onward legal action.

Meanwhile, a search operation carried out by SLNS Gajaba in the North Central Naval Command made way to the apprehension of 07 persons, suspected to be on an illegal migration attempt to a foreign country by a dinghy, with 02 human smugglers in the beach area of Talpadu in the dark hours on 05th July. The 07 individuals included 03 males, 01 female and 03 children. The Navy also took hold of the dinghy to be used for the illegal act. The suspects held in the operation are residents of Colombo, Badulla, Vavuniya and Mannar, who are from 05 to 48 years of age. They were handed over to the Mannar Police for onward legal proceedings. For the purpose of making fast money, smugglers cheat the innocent and organize this kind of unethical enterprise using unsafe vessels. As such, Navy urges the public to refrain from risking their lives by engaging in perilous sea voyages and be victims before the law.


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