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New alliance by 10 independent parties!


It is reported that ten parties independent from the government under a leadership board have decided to form a new political alliance.

This decision was made at a meeting chaired by Member of Parliament Wimal Weerawansa last night (09).

This political alliance is scheduled to be unveiled at the Maharagama Youth Service Council on the 21st.

The party leaders have decided to make a final decision next week as there have been various suggestions about the official name of the alliance.

In addition to the chairman of the alliance, it is also planned to appoint deputy chairmen so that each party will have equal powers.

Support for the all-party government was also discussed at this meeting, where MP Wimal Weerawansa stated that there is no need for an all-party government to share ministerial positions.

However, according to information received by Sri Lanka Mirror, the majority of members were of the view that they should not support an all-party government and should remain silent.

It is also learnt through reliable sources that approval and aid from a powerful country is also being received.


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