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New Beginning to Higher Education: IUSL Campus Launched

BY CLAUDE GUNASEKERA NewsLanka: The Exclusive Launch of IUSL Campus was held at Cinnamon Grand Colombo on Tuesday. It was a revolutionary beginning of a new era of the higher education industry in Sri Lanka with the latest ultra-modern education system open to both local and foreign students. The campus will have online learning system where students can even be at home and study either in Sri Lanka or any part of the world. The opportunity and capacity is large and can be catered to a large number said Professor Prabath Weerasinghe Vice Chancellor of the University. He said we will approach world-wide student segments to enroll at IUSL with a supplementary aim of supporting the national economy. He said, “Now the gateway is opened to any student to be qualified in higher education in a range of subjects they chose and based on a chosen career path. IUSL will make a revolutionary change in the education paradigm of Sri Lanka creating regional universities known for geographical identities, catering unique industrial requirement and allowing prospective students in specializing the geographical industries, preparing for the brightest future. International University of Sri Lanka (IUSL Campus) will offer a unique educational experience designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote participatory engagement. He also said that knowledge, creativity and hands-on experience will be coupled at the IUSL which is a revolution in Sri Lanka’s learning system. IUSL’s learning system is unique and has adopted based on the ancient teaching – learning systems deeply explored by the expert team for years. In the past Buddhism and education were integrated and well educated pundits lead the culture of profound education platform which helped learners to inherit a prosperous country for future generations. A veteran in the field of philosophy and a mentor for many Buddhist educational reforms, Prof. Ven. Uthurawala Dhammarathana thero is acting as the Chancellor of IUSL. Dilmy Ranaweera – Director of Academic Affairs of IUSL said “Today, we celebrate more than just the virtual expansion of our institution; we celebrate the boundless opportunities that this new campus brings to each and every one of us. This campus is a haven of knowledge, innovation, and growth. It is a place where dreams take shape, ideas flourish, and friendships are formed that will last a lifetime”. “Today, we step into a realm where science fiction becomes reality, where machines not only assist us but also learn and adapt on their own – the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning, mechatronics , cyber security you name it we have it. As we gather here, we embark on a journey into the cutting-edge domain that is transforming industries, shaping innovation, and redefining the way we perceive learning itself” added Ranaweera.. IUSL Campus will provide students with an enriched environment to nurture even greater learning experiences and this campus inspire to reach greater heights, to challenge conventions, and to contribute meaningfully to society. The IUSL Campus comprises with 6 Faculties such as FACULTY OF ENGINEERING to Engineering Excellence -Inspiring Innovation and Shaping the Future, FACULTY OF HEALTH to Empowering Wellness and Advancing Healthcare, FACULTY OF BUSINESS to Empowering Leaders and Driving Innovation FACULTY OF ARTS to Cultivating Creativity and Inspiring Expression, FACULTY OF COMPUTING to Empowering Innovators and Shaping the Digital Future, FACULTY OF BUDHIST STUDIES to Nurturing Wisdom and Cultivating Compassion. Source: News Lanka

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