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New law for those going abroad after returning from overseas job


The Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment has taken steps to amend the matters to be considered when registering with the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau to return from overseas employment and go abroad again for employment.

Minister Manusha Nanayakkara said that when registering with the Foreign Employment Bureau to go overseas for employment, the amount of dollars sent through legitimate channels to the country during that person’s previous overseas employment would be taken into consideration and laws would be amended to grant only those who have legitimately sent remittances back to the country such eligibility to go overseas for employment.

The minister said this while attending an event where air tickets were presented to a group of young women going abroad for domestic nursing jobs in Israel.

The minister had also said that he is working to get the necessary cabinet approval to allow such migrant workers to import electric cars depending on the amount of dollars sent to the country through working abroad.


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