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No invitation for an all-party government yet – Mano Ganesan


So far, no official invitation has been extended by the government regarding the formation of a national government or an all-party government, said Tamil Progressive Alliance Parliamentarian Mano Ganesan. He noted that even the other opposition parties have not received such an invitation so far and discussions are being held in this regard.

Therefore, he added that that the appointing of ministers is nothing but interesting news.

However, he also said that the Ranil Wickremesinghe Government should be allowed a reasonable period of time to resolve the country’s issues and bring it to normal, adding that rash political protests should not be done.

However, Ganesan claims that during the party leaders' meeting, President Ranil Wickremesinghe directly informed the leaders of other parties in this regard, but the parties should receive an official invitation from the government to form an all-party government.

He further claims that it should be done by a responsible and honest democratic political party and it will be done.

"For the interests of our people who voted for us, we will take our decision collectively," Ganesan said.

He further said, “The TPF will not engage in politics based solely on political requirements. Even if we join the government or not, we will represent the aspirations of the upcountry people with the minister appointed in connection with the Constitution.

We will do our best to include the aspirations of our upcountry Tamil people at the next Constitutional Amendment stage.”


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