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Nothing wrong with Gotabaya coming back – Tilvin Silva


“Gotabaya, who came to Sri Lanka after running away from the country and wandering around, now has no presidential, parliamentary, or party ambitions. Now he is just a citizen. Gotabaya, who has escaped from the court in 35 cases under the guise of presidential immunity, will now have to go to court. As such, I think there is nothing wrong with his coming back to the country,” says General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva.
He said this while addressing a meeting under the theme. “Let’s kick out the oppressive government! Let’s build a people’s government!” held in Raigama area.

He said, “Why did Gotabaya come back to Sri Lanka? It was because no country wanted to accept him. He stayed in the Maldives for two days and then went to Singapore. He couldn’t stay there for long. Then he went to Thailand.

He tried to go to America, where he was a citizen, but they would not accept him. In the end, no one would accept, so the thief had to return to where he was.
It shows that the people have a lot of power. We think it would be better if Gotabaya Rajapaksa or Ranil Wickramasinghe learned what happened worldwide to many people who went against the people.
Gotabaya had a lot of cases before he applied for the presidency. It was Mr Ali Sabri who said that there were 35 cases and he appeared in them. The cases were not heard properly.
What happened after becoming the President? The President has something called immunity. Therefore, the President cannot be taken to court. Therefore, none of those cases was heard.
Now there is an opportunity to hear the old cases. We hope everyone in the legal department will get together and bring back the old cases. We can see how Gotabaya goes to court and answers the cases.”
Dr Nalinda Jayatissa, National Executive Member of NPP, its Bandaragama Constituency Organizer Samith Jayage and several others addressed the event attended by a large crowd.


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