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Pakistan accused of trying to revive the LTTE – Colombo Gazette


The Pakistani intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), has been accused of trying to revive the now defunct Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Tamil Nadu, an Indian media report claimed.

Republic World said that Pakistan’s ISI has been trying to push the revival of the LTTE in the southern Indian state. Notably, this comes after the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested nine persons earlier last week in connection with illegal drugs and arms cases pertaining to the revival of the LTTE.

According to the NIA, the case was related to activities of the Sri Lankan drug mafia controlled by Gunashekaran and Pushparajah in association with Haji Salim– a drugs and arms supplier based in Pakistan.

Republic World quoted reports as saying the module has been operating in India as well as Sri Lanka and has been smuggling drugs and arms in an attempt to revive the LTTE, an outfit designated as a terrorist organisation by 32 countries, including the European Union, Canada, the United States, and India.

With NIA busting that module at the roots, the ISI is now allegedly trying to revive the LTTE in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka to derail the peace and security in the region.

The NIA had earlier arrested former LTTE operatives and found that they were linked to individuals in Europe. It was later learnt that these operatives based in European countries– Denmark and Switzerland were trying to withdraw money to use for the LTTE’s revival.

Pakistan is yet to respond to the claims. (Colombo Gazette)

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