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Pakistani spy agency uses actresses as ‘honey trap’


A retired Major of Pakistan Army has come up with a bombshell revelation stating the country’s spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) has been using prominent actresses as honey traps. While this latest revelation may cause serious humiliation to ISI, it is learnt from another credible source that the Pakistani spy agency has also been using foreign actresses, including actresses from Bollywood, Kolkata, Tamil and Telegu film industries as honey-traps. They even use models and high-profile escort girls and sex workers in Britain and the United States as well as other Western countries mostly targeting politicians and bureaucrats.

Major (retired) Adil Raza, who runs a popular YouTube channel claimed that Pakistani actress Sajal Aly was used as one of the many honey traps. According to Pakistani newspaper The Dawn, in a video Adil Raza said that sources told him four top models and actresses would be used by ISI for making intimate relations with politicians and foreign diplomats. He used initials of the actresses and models instead of revealing their full names. The initials are MH, MK, KK and SA.

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Following this explosive claim, actresses including Sajal, Mehbish Hayat and Kubra Khan attacked the former officer on social media. Sajal tweeted a cryptic note, where she wrote ‘It is very sad that our country is becoming morally degenerate and ugly; The character is the worst form of humanity and sin’.

Mehbish wrote on her Instagram story: ‘Sasti shohrat hasil karne ke liee kuch lage insaniat ke darje se vee gir jate hai’. Hope you’re enjoying your two minutes of fame. Just because I’m an actress doesn’t mean I can have mud thrown at me. Shame on you for spreading baseless accusations and slurs about such a man and even more shame on the people who blindly believe his lies. It shows the ills of our society with which this dirty journalism has unthinkingly merged. But it has to stop and now! I will not allow anyone to insult my name like this!’

Pakistani actress Kubra Khan has expressed anger over this claim of Adil Raza while sharing a post on her Instagram story. She wrote, “Earlier I was silent because a fake video can’t harm me, but now enough is enough. You think that some random people sitting on me will point fingers and I will keep quiet, so this is your thinking.

In this long post, Kubra Khan further mentioned the name of Adil Raza and wrote, “You have three days to bring evidence for the allegations you have made or publicly apologize for your claims. Otherwise I will file a defamation case against you”. In the end, Kubra wrote, “I am on the truth, I am on the right and I am not afraid of anyone’s father”.

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Adil Raza, a former spokesperson for Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society and retired Army major, alleged that Pakistan’s mighty establishment, including top army officers and its spy agency ISI use popular actresses and models as honey traps.

He said retired Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and General Faiz Hameed used top actors as bait to record scandalous videos of politicians and some other people.

Commenting on Adil Raza’s bombshell exposure, an expert on Pakistani espionage agency said, Pakistan has long been using women as honey traps, especially against India and Bangladesh and its officials within the establishment.

In November 2022, a driver working with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs was arrested in Delhi on espionage charges. It was later revealed that he had been honey-trapped and had passed on confidential information to a person in Pakistan. In a similar case, 24-year-old Indian Army jawan Shantimay Rana was arrested in July for allegedly leaking military information to Pakistan. He was allegedly honey-trapped by a Pakistani woman for leaking information related to the Indian Army.

Shantimay Rana later divulged that he was in touch with the female Pakistani agent through WhatsApp chat, video and audio messages for a long time. The woman had described herself as a resident of Shahjahanpur (Uttar Pradesh) and told him that she worked there in the Military Engineering Services. She then asked for confidential documents, photographs, videos of maneuvers from Rana.

In June 2019 there was also the infamous case of ‘Sejal Kapoor’ who had hacked into the computers of more than 98 personnel of various defense forces, including the Indian Army. She had used the oldest trick of showing the personnel videos and pictures and inserted malware into their systems and was able to extract information on the BrahMos missile program.

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Additional Director General of police (security), S Sengathir, was quoted as telling Hindustan Times that there have been several cases of Pakistan Intelligence operatives, especially women, getting in touch with defense personnel and civilians.

The Indian Army has described honey trapping as a weapon of hybrid warfare and issued strict rules on the use of technology and also ordered soldiers to remove Facebook, Instagram and other dating apps from their phones.

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