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Palali Airport to commence international flights from July 01!


Ports, Shipping and Aviation Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva yesterday instructed the Palaly Airport Authority and the Airport and Aviation Authority to commence international flights at Palaly Airport from July 01.The Minister said this while participating in an inspection tour of the Palaly Airport.

The minister had instructed the authorities to commence flight not only to India, but other destinations in the region as well.

The minister inspected the facilities at the Palali airport and pledged to upgrade the facilities at the airport and also construct a duty-free shopping complex.

The airport authorities had notified the minister that currently the Palali Airport runway can only accommodate flights carrying 72 passengers and informed the minister of the need to upgrade and extend the runway.

Minister Nimal Siripala also urged the Tamil Diaspora to visit the country and invest in the North with the development of the Kankasanthirai harbour and the Palali Airport. He also advised the authorities to shuffle the staff between Katunayake and Palali in order to familiarize the staff on both languages Sinhala and Tamil.

He also thanked India for the assistance rendered for the development of the Palali Airport and also their helping hand to Sri Lanka during this crisis period. The minister noted that the Indian assistance would be utilized to develop the Palali Airport runway.

The minister also noted that the best gift that can be given to the people of the North is the development of the KKS harbour and the Palali Airport to facilitate trade development.

He also said that the development of the Palali Airport is a good opportunity for Indian tourists to visit the North, adding that it is also a good and economical starting point for tourists visiting Sri Lanka.


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