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People who have had bitter experiences of being cheated are rallying around the NPP – Anura Dissanayake


“People who have been deceived and have had very bitter experiences, people who have had bitter experiences, people who have lost their children’s future, people who have lost their loved ones’ lives are gathering around the National People’s Power today. Are these experiences enough for us to learn from? Our parents have given us as much experience as our older generation. The era of ending deception has now begun.
Let’s go to the villages and rally all to start a new era. No matter what tricks Ranil Wickramasinghe plays, the presidential election must be held in eleven months. For that, we invite everyone to come together and dedicate themselves to the struggle to start a new era that will save the country and the people from all disasters.” emphasizes Anura Dissanayake, the leader of the National People’s Power.
He emphasized this while addressing the farmers’ conference held in Anuradhapura on the18th.

The conference held at Anuradhapura New Town is the first of a series of conferences All Ceylon Farmers’ Federation has organized to be held in farming regions across the country to demand a fair price for the farmers’ harvest and compensation for the destruction of cultivation, against the robbery of seeds, land, water resources, against elephant-human conflict, against the postponement of elections by shrinking democracy and to build farmer s’ power.
The leader of the NPP, Anura Dissanayake, said, “Farmer mothers and fathers gathered here have to do much work in addition to farming. The people engaged in agriculture in other countries get an income that allows them to live a good life. Our farmers have to take to the streets to demand water and proper inputs, protect their crops from animals, and demand a fair price for the harvested crops. The lives of the people who face great difficulties and struggle to get out of them and take to the streets have been greatly disrupted. Haven’t we been protesting on the streets for too long? We have come here to ask you to struggle to establish a government of the ordinary people while carrying out the agitations. When it was impossible to sustain life by planting crops like paddy, banana, watermelon, soya beans, now ponds have been built in the paddy field to raise fish. What didn’t the farmers do to get rid of this disaster? Nevertheless, they did not get over it. Finally, governments were changed to recover from this disaster. Ranil’s government replaced Chandrika’s government, and Ranil’s government replaced Mahinda’s government. Not ever the farmer brought from Girawapaththuwa, who had walked on green grass on the fields and ate kurukkan, didn’t succeed.
Now, the situation is that the farmer’s wife is leaving the country. They seek foreign jobs to build a house, teach their children, and buy a car. However, the house is half-built. Children perished without protection. The wife lost her husband’s life due to drunkenness. Whole lives fell apart. Many became kidney patients. These ruling gangs destroyed the lives of the farmers and their families.
Therefore, do we allow our cultivation, children, and lives to be further affected by the disaster of the ruling gangs? These rulers think that they can deceive the people of the village. They think people can be deceived with a quarter bottle, the rice packet, the two cement bags and the toilet bowls. Last year, 3,406 people committed suicide. Among them, there were no politicians, smugglers or people who steal with the government. Most of the suicides were committed due to the inability to pay their debts or earn an income. A number that did not die during the war commit suicide. Another 15,000 – 20,000 attempt suicide, but these numbers are often not recorded.
Millions of votes in this country are in villages. They think that the people in the villages, where there are more votes than in the city, can be deceived by small things. The pictures of Mahinda, who brought disaster to this country and who is a thief, were pasted all over villages. Even today, they think they can deceive these people by showing the image or distributing sarees and cement bags. However, the likes of Ranil Wickramasinghe and Mahinda Rajapaksa should remember that today’s village is not the village that existed then.
People expressed their crying pain by thrashing and setting fire to Mahinda’s effigy. The people have understood that the rulers create the problems they have. We must unite to create a new government of the National People’s Power by ousting the ruling gangs that destroyed the lives and future of the people in our villages. The people of this country have lost their self-respect by being stuck in a debt trap, and in the eyes of the world, our country has also lost its self-respect and has been reduced to beggars. No country in the world will accept our country.
What was the mistake made by the farmers of our country who cultivated the Yala-Maha seasons well? What is the reason for the country’s impoverishment, even though farmers are committed to developing this country by cultivating crops and protecting it with sleepless nights? If the country is in the hands of thieves, it will not go forward, even if we suffer to bring it up. Basil Rajapaksa said that lazy farmers throw pumpkin seeds when it rains and trouble the government during harvest. In this way, stealing the national wealth produced by the people by a gang of thieves amid insults must be stopped. To make this country prosperous, we need to chase away the thieves. Mahinda called Ranil a thief. Ranil said that the Mahinda was a thief. Today, they are together. If we want to build this country, we need to drive out those thieves who are perched on one branch and form a government of the NPP.
These rulers have destroyed the education of our children. Under our rule, our children in the villages will be given an education that can conquer the world. The health system, which is currently being destroyed, should be appropriately improved, and our farmers and their families should be allowed to develop good health habits. We will make all necessary changes in the health system for that. A complete plan aimed at the world’s labour market, transport and naval industry will bring Sri Lanka to become one of the wealthiest countries in the world in a few years.
Our Comrade Wasantha does not have any aim of getting rich. Nevertheless, SM Chandrasena, Mahinda, and Ranil aim to enrich themselves, not the aim of enriching the country. The objective of the NPP is to establish a government to enrich the country. The people also need to be enriched. There is no point in a country being rich if the people are poor. Although India’s government is rich, people suffer from extreme poverty. The NPP is building a prosperous country and a people with an economy rich in art, literature, drama, movies and culture. We are also creating a society where there are people who love others, feel the pain of others and are rich in compassion.
The way the people of the village are connected with the economy should be improved. The people of the villages are engaged in agriculture, freshwater fishing, animal husbandry, and economic sources that have not gone to the village so far should be brought to the village. Every developed country in the world has a developed economy down to the village level. A new agricultural policy will be implemented to supply our vegetables and fruits to foreigners. Export agriculture villages will be built. Instead of yala-maha seasons, we should create an agricultural system that harvests daily. We need to continuously send vegetables and fruits to the world, with quality, without toxins. For that, business opportunities will be expanded as advanced packaging and storage facilities. New research institutes will be created for seeds. The harvest will be protected, and a fair price formula will be introduced.
All the previous rulers who have ruled since 1994 have joined the government in one way or another. A politics that they never imagined has emerged. The most significant political change in Sri Lanka has occurred with the people of the villages rallying with the NPP. While the rulers who destroyed the country are on top, the people of the villages are all gathered around the NPP.
Governments were formed in walluwas all this time. Instead, a government will be established that will not be influenced by foreign forces but feel the pain of the people instead of those who have taken privileges. The NPP is working for it and is rallying the people around it. Ranil Wickramasinghe left 65,000 acres of farmland to die without releasing water from the Udawalawe Tank.
There is a circle of businessmen, several media organizations, a limited number of members of the security forces who are engaged in illegal acts, a limited number of government employees and drug traffickers around the rulers who have no feeling for the lives of the farmers. NPP has become the only movement with people’s power that can oppose them.
People who have been cheated and have had very bitter experiences, people who have had devastating experiences, people who have lost their children’s future and people who have lost their loved ones are rallying with the National People’s Power today. Are not the experiences we have had enough for us to learn lessons? Our parents and our older generation have given us much experience. The era of ending deception has now begun.
Let us go to the villages and rally all the people to start a new era. No matter what tricks Ranil Wickramasinghe plays, the presidential election must be held in eleven months. We invite everyone to come together and dedicate themselves to the struggle to start a new era that will save the country and the people from all disasters.”

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