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Personal data breaches on the rise-SLCERT


The Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team says with the prevailing fuel crisis, there have been many incidents of theft of personal information using fake applications.

SLCERT said many complaints have been received thus far.

The organisation said the scam was being perpetrated by sending out text messages to many phone numbers requesting individuals to register if they require a token number in order to obtain fuel.

There have also been reports that this led to the theft of highly private and confidential information such as mobile phone numbers, vehicle registration numbers, and National ID numbers.

SLCERT said some information was used for illegal activities and in some cases, it was also used to open fake social media accounts.

Therefore, the Sri LanPersonal data breaches on the rise-SLCERTka Computer Emergency Readiness Team requested the public to be vigilant of such fake messages.



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