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PHI not 100% sure on lifting mask mandate


The Public Health Inspectors’ Union says they do not completely agree with the Health Ministry’s decision to lift Sri Lanka’s facemask mandate.

Chairman of the PHI Union Upul Rohana said the public should continue to use face masks until coronavirus patients are not detected in the country.

He also requested individuals participating in Poson zones and organising ‘Dansal’ during the Poya day, to wear a face mask for hygienic purposes.

PHI Chairman commented that the Director General of Health Services should have considered the number of coronavirus patients detected in the ground level, before lifting the mandate.

Upul Rohana explained that high vaccination rates and changing nature of variants have prompted the Covid death rate to decrease at a rate.

However, he stressed that a decreasing death rate does not ensure the end of the virus’s spread.

Upul Rohana said no tests for coronavirus was conducted in Sri Lanka during the past week, which was why the PHI could not completely agree with the lifting of the face mask mandate.

He called on the public to wear a face mask in p0ublic and take care of their personal health.

Chairman Upul Rohana requested people to be cautious and be mindful of their hygiene during the Poson period.



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