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Police further clarifies on Galle Face crackdown (Video)


Police have informed civilians to identify the boundaries of rights granted to them by the constitution when engaging in protests.

In a detailed media release on the pre-dawn crackdown at the Galle Face area today (22), the police media unit says that they will be compelled to act accordingly if people act in a manner that disturbs and harasses public order by threatening, influencing as well as unleashing violence or riots.

The media release notes that the protestors have been occupying the state owned Presidential Secretariat since July 09, hindering and ridiculing security force personnel since then. Authorities have urged them to hand over the offices on several counts and leave the premises peacefully However,  the protestors have claimed they will do so, but had attempted to remain where they are, naming several dates, and putting various conditions.

Police say that on July 14 and on July 18,  they had urged protestors to leave the premises peacefully. However, protestors have responded violently.  The press release further noted that damages were continuing to property and dossiers at the premises.

The protestors were removed in this manner only afterwards, after being left with no other options, the press release notes.

The police have also released video footage of how the protestors reacted to their presence in the recent past.

The video and the media release issued by the Sri Lanka Police is as follows : 

[embedded content]

Police 1 22 07 22

Police 2 22 07 22


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