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Political parties and organizations joining today’s protest…


Below are some of the political parties and organizations that have officially announced that they will participate in the anti-repression march that will be held in Colombo today (02), and have signed the joint statement. Organizers say that many other organizations have announced that they will join.

1 Samagi Jana Blawegaya
2 Tamil National Alliance
3 Socialist Party
4 Sri Lanka Freedom Party
5 Nidahas Janata Sabhawa
6 43 Division
7 United Socialist Party
8 Tamil Progressive Alliance
9 New Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party
10 The team including Anura Priyadarshana Chandima Weerakkodi
11 Sri Lanka Muslim Congress
12 Agila Ilangai Muslim Congress
13 Socialist Party


1 Ceylon Teachers Association
2 Inter-University Board
3 Ceylon Bank Employees Union
4 Young Lawyers Association
5 Sri Lanka Young Journalists Association
6 Center for Labor Struggle
7 United Labor Federation
8 Samagi Kantha Balawegaya
9 Federation of Media Workers Trade Unions
10 Galle Face Protestors
11 Ceylon Estate Services Association
12 Postal and Telecommunications Officers Association
13 Yuthukama Lanka
14 Faxis Collective
15 Janata trade Centre
16 Frotect Organization
17 Pragati Teachers Union
18 Integrated Development Officer Centre
19 All Telecommunication Employees Union
20 Samagi Trade Union Wing
21 Government Family Health Services Association
22 United Health Workers Union
23 Amalgamated Teachers Service Association
24 Confederation of State and Provincial Public Management Service Officers
25 Federation of Trade Unions
26 Amalgamated Engineering Corporation Employees Union
27 Union of Printers

In addition to the signed organizations, nearly 150 other organizations and trade unions have said that they will join on November 2nd.

This march is scheduled to start from Maradana Elphinstone Theater today at 03.00 pm and reach Colombo Fort.


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