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Politician’s son behind importing pricier fuel?

Politician's son behind importing pricier fuel?Jagath Wijayagunaratne - Nidahas Sevaka Sangamaya Co-Chairman at the Petroleum Branch alleges that the recent crude oil ship that arrived in Sri Lanka was brought down through an agent in Dubai, who is said to be a close associate of a well known Sri Lankan politician's son.   He urges the Minister of Energy to immediately stop the practice of obtaining oil through intermediaries and establish a proper procedure instead to ensure state to state purchases.   Wijayagunaratne has also warned that they will resort to Trade Union action if the government does not get fuel from Russia at a lower price.

Noting that it was Russia that provided fuel on the maiden day of the Sapugaskanda oil refinery, Wijayagunaratne notes that oil was obtained from Arab countries instead due to the possibility of obtaining commissions.   Unfortunately, the Energy ministry is not paying attention to this fact and despite Russia agreeing to provide oil at lower prices, it is suspicious why the government has not paid attention to this matter, he further noted.

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