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Power consumption down by 20%!


According to the Public Utilities Commission, the electricity consumption in Sri Lanka has reduced by 20%.

The chairman of the commission, Janaka Ratnayake said that although electricity consumers used 48 million units of electricity per day about six months ago, the number of units has now reduced to 38 million.

He pointed out that The reasons for this are the power cuts that were imposed over several months and the consumers' tendency to use electrical appliances sparingly.

The Public Utilities Commission said that despite the possibility of increasing hydropower capacity, the power plants are crippled due to the lack of sufficient fuel and as a result, power cuts of around three hours per day will have to be imposed over the next few months.

The PUCSL Chairman further added that although there was no possibility of completely lifting the power cuts, if hydro power generation increases it would not be necessary to impose long power cuts.

When inquired, the PUCSL Chairman pointed out that due to the rains received during the past few days, it had increased the water capacity capable of producing about one hundred million units of power.

The water capacity of the reservoirs near all the power plants has increased to about 60% so far.


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