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Prices of eggs surge by Rs. 05


The maximum retail price of an egg has been increased by Rs. 05. Accordingly, the price of eggs will surge up to Rs. 50.

The egg producers in Sri Lanka raised their objections to the recently issued gazette by the Trade Minister declaring the prices of eggs, saying that they could not sell eggs at those prices. According to the gazette, the maximum price of a white egg was Rs. 43 and a red or brown egg, Rs. 45.

The egg producers pointed out that the amount was not enough to cover the cost of production of an egg, demanding that the price of eggs be raised to at least Rs. 50. The egg producers also suspended the release of eggs to the wholesale market in objection to the gazette.

Given consideration to the producers’ continuous demand, the Trade Ministry has decided to increase the price of eggs up to Rs. 50. Ministry officials added that they will soon declare a fixed price for eggs.

Prior to the gazette declaration, eggs were sold for around Rs. 60 – 70 in the local market.



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