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Ranil indulges in violence… we will not allow election map to be rolled up – Anura Dissanayake


President Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is afraid of elections, is resorting to violence, but they would not allow the electoral map to be rolled up, says Anura Dissanayake, the leader of the National People’s Power (NPP).
Addressing the Kesbewa Constituency Conference of the NPP held on the15th Mr Dissanayake said, “The people intervened to make various political changes in our country for a long time with good hopes. They were happy when a new government was elected, thinking their issues would be solved. But, within a short time, they became disappointed. Why did this happen? Because the rulers had different expectations than the expectations and hopes of the people. People were repeatedly deceived under this situation. We must decisively change this deceived situation. The NPP has been built with the aim of fulfilling those tasks. Cabinet papers are presented to approve Sri Lanka as a poor country. The number of children going to school has decreased. School children faint. There is no medicine in hospitals. Patients die. Industries are collapsing. Does the country need more suffering like this? We and our children have become victims of this tragedy. We have many experiences that force us to change this situation.
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had to leave the country. Mahinda Rajapaksa had to sneak out of the Temple Trees and stay in a naval base. Basil Rajapaksa could not find a flight to his country. The camp that was said to be like a big rock has collapsed in front of our eyes. It is clear that the power rests with the people. But, the people are not properly organized. The NPP will form the Divisional Councils to organize the people. There are three main tasks assigned to the divisional councils. In another people’s uprising, the NPP should take its leadership. Otherwise, the people’s uprising will be wasted. We have also been entrusted with the responsibility of organizing the people at the village level. Protecting the people in the face of the state of bankruptcy of the country is one of the basic tasks. The production of the country has collapsed and inflation has increased greatly. Jobs are being lost. People who get monthly salary cannot pay off their loans. People are rising up against this pressure. The government is trying to push such an uprising into violence. Therefore, our divisional councils should be well organized to give a good leadership to the groups of masses that rise up against the government’s harassment and bankruptcy. The Divisional Council should act to give organizational leadership in such a way that it does not do anything beneficial to the enemy.
The NPP is preparing for the elections to gain power. But, the government is afraid of elections. The government is using various tactics to postpone the local government elections. Ranil Wickramasinghe, who does not even have a mandate to be a member of parliament, cannot remain in the presidential chair any longer in the face of defeat in an election. Similarly, the elected government led by Mahinda Rajapaksa was driven out by the people. If so, the current government also has no mandate. But, they don’t want to go for an election. If they go to an election, it will be clear where the mandate of 6.9 million they received is now. Ranil and the Rajapaksas cannot join and contest an election together. These two groups cannot be together at the village level. This is why both these groups want to postpone the elections. The powerless government is laying many obstacles to postpone the elections. However, the divisional councils of the NPP should take a special responsibility and prepare for the struggle as well as prepare for the election. But, we should come together with a collective sense of building the country, instead of the mentality of chasing and defeating each other. We need a collective sense of how the other’s pain becomes my pain. Without that, a country cannot be built just by installing a government on top. Society needs transformation.
All kinds of destructions that can happen to a country have been done to this country. Ranil Wickramasinghe has gone to Trincomalee and said that there would be oil today if the tanks had been sold then. Our country lost oil, not because of tanks, but because of a lack of dollars. Eight tanks have been given to the IOC company. Those eight tanks were not even filled. What is needed for building this country is a new economic plan, political transformation and the preparation of the people who are aligned for such a programme.
The Auditor General’s report has revealed that more than five hundred million dollars have been lost by importing coal. The Auditor General’s reports reveal that eight million dollars have been lost in the importation of fertilizers, and financial crimes have been committed in all fields such as oil importation, fertilizer importation, sugar importation. A country cannot be built with people responsible for these. We need to build a collective culture that enjoys a song, reads a book, watches a movie, and thinks about a healthy life. There are three basic roles of a divisional council with such people. One is leading the uprising of the people, make the division win in the upcoming elections and lead a discussion to create a transformation of the people in the division. If we do these things successfully, we can win.
None of us would form a government to while away the time. We do it to build the country. The present rulers protect each other and protect the corrupt. But we would punish the corrupt and recover the public wealth they have looted. There is a big discussion today that the existence of public institutions with huge losses is a burden on the government. Those institutions were filled with employees based on political appointments, and that’s why the government institutions collapsed. Instead of creating new economic opportunities and introducing new entrepreneurs, jobs were given in state institutions to get votes. But, the NPP will not provide employment to any institution with no vacancies. Several sectors including the tourism sector, the small and medium-scale enterprise sector, and the shipping sector will be developed as the leading sectors of the economy. Under our rule, jobs will be provided by expanding the economy in this way.
Until now, the rulers have followed an economic system that takes the country backwards. We are implementing economic plans that will move the country forward. Our primary role is to create new economic opportunities for the new generation of youth. Today’s youth think of free opportunities rather than working from eight in the morning to five in the evening. We are building a compact, efficient public service with incentives for them. Even though the British have been gone for more than seventy-four years, the public service introduced by them is still being carried on. But, we are transforming it into an efficient public service.
In today’s world young children are working while getting an education. But, in our country, the child studying in Polonnaruwa has to look to Colombo for a job. But, through an innovative economy, those children should be protected in the Polonnaruwa area. Economic growth and economic development can only happen by creating new economic opportunities and accessing new markets in the world.
The pure and honest team that can build this country is only in the NPP. We have established an Economic Council for the task of building the economy. Prof. Anil Jayantha, Prof. Janak Kumarasinghe, Dr. Shantha Jayaratne, Prof. Dayananda and our Comrade Sunil Handunnetti are working in this council. The field of small and medium scale industrialists has been established under the leadership of Comrade Chaturanga Abeysinghe. Some people ask about our Security Council. On this thirtieth, we will establish a security council consisting of former generals. Similarly, we have primarily focused on foreign relations. There is a very ugly image of our country in the world today. We will implement a foreign policy that shines the international image that we have lost in front of the world very strongly.
If you search about Prasanna Ranatunga on the internet, you will find that he is an extortionist who a court fined twenty-five million. If you look for Choka Malli, you will find that he is a person who has been sentenced to life imprisonment. As soon as Mahinda Rajapaksa’s name is published on the internet, the information that he was bribed by a Chinese company and was revealed by the newspaper ‘New York Times comes out. When Namal’s name is mentioned, a stream of information comes out about the bribes revealed by Australian journalists about the ‘Chris deal’. These people who blackened the country’s name in front of the world cannot build the country. There are criteria that the world accepts, such as human rights, law, children’s rights, women’s rights, protection of the elderly. Our society should be developed according to such criteria. We need to build a state with social security. Such a state can develop tourism. Foreign investments will be brought to such a country. For that, we have an honest and uncorrupted group in the NPP.
No one elected to bear the responsibilities of the NPP has come to get something for himself or herself. More than ever, there are people today who want to look at us. By consolidating their confidence, we should achieve a big victory in the upcoming local government elections. The signal about the formation of our government at the next general election should be given in that local government election.
If that signal is given correctly in the local government election, we can definitely take power in the general election within a very short period of time. We started this work, not to get partial victories. No one else can save this country from this tragedy. One night’s room rent at Namal’s uncle’s hotel is several times more than an Air Lanka flight ticket. When a flight is delayed, a room is given at Namal’s uncle’s hotel. This is how business goes. Can such people save this country?
These days there has been a discussion about the light bills that the ministers have not paid. Bills of ministers’ quarters are paid by the ministry. If so, how can there be arrears? Even though some of them have lost their ministries, they still live in their quarters. But the bill is not paid by the ministry. That is when the deficit occurs. Not only do they not pay the light bill, they also live in the official residences by force. Some people take ministerial posts expecting to stay in the ministerial quarters. Namal Rajapaksa has been living in government houses since the day the umbilical cord was cut. Mahinda and Gota are now in government houses. Cheating takes place at this difficult time, even from the aid given to buy coal and gas. What kind of rulers are they? Neither our country nor our children will get any future from them. Therefore, we request that we all should unite to defeat this evil group and establish a government of the NPP.”


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