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Ranil tells how to defeat Gota


The amount of money printed in Sri Lanka in the past two years is 15 times higher than in 2015-19, and he expects to receive 2 billion dollars from other organizations immediately after obtaining the approval to borrow from the International Monetary Fund, says Ranil Wickremasinghe. He said this in Parliament yesterday (6th)
It is expected to get 2.9 billion dollars or 290 million dollars from the International Monetary Fund, and aiming to borrow at least another 200 million dollars is creating the background to surpass the foreign debt burden of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s regime.
Mr Wickremesinghe said he expects to receive a loan between 1-2 billion dollars as intermediate financial facilities from the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and other international lending institutions. He further said that several radical economic reforms had been introduced, and the restructuring of state enterprises had been started under such reforms.
He said that 80% of the government’s income is currently collected as indirect taxes, and because of this, even the poorest citizens are caught in the tax net. He made a similar statement in the parliament during his 2015-19 period. He said the indirect taxes would be reduced to 60% of the government’s total tax income, the debt load on the country would be completely removed, and future generations would be freed from the debt load.


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