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Ranil’s plan to dupe Sri Lanka…


Eighth President Ranil Wickremesinghe has announced that Sri Lanka’s resources will be sold for US$ 4 billion in order to obtain US$ 3.9 billion from the International Monetary Fund and lead the country towards an entire neo-liberal economy.
It was stated while addressing the 23rd Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka Tea Industry Owners Association held at Water’s Edge Hotel in Battaramulla on the 30th. According to the government’s ‘Dinamina’ newspaper, this is what Ranil had said:
“In the end, foreign financial reserves are needed. Now there is no way to increase our reserves. Since we have lost all other means, the only way we can raise foreign reserves is to sell our enterprises in dollars. It will be able to add about 4 billion dollars to the reserves and thereby further strengthen the rupee. We can do all this only if we move towards a full market economy with high growth.”


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