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REC Campus rejects allegations (Video)


REC Campus, Nugegoda has rejected the allegations made by 'Magen Ratata' Organization alleging that Ms. Janitha Liyanage, Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Russia, is promoting private businesses.

The organisation has said this in a letter sent to the Presidential Secretariat.

REC Campus organised a special news conference where its Chief Executive Officer Maduranga Wasalagedara said 'Magen Ratata' Organization has claimed Sri Lanka's Ambassador in Russia was not suitable for the position and had referred to her as an Ayurvedic Doctor who has no knowledge of ambassadorial duties.

"These remarks show that this organization knows nothing about her. Prior to being appointed as an Ambassador, Ms. Liyanage was a senior professor of chemistry at the University of Kelaniya. However, she served as the Vice-Chancellor of Wickramarachchi Ayurvedic University. It seems the 'Magen Ratata' Organization has misinterpreted these positions," he said.

Also, Mr.Wasalagedara said that she did not join an observation tour of Tver State Medical University in Russia to provide benefits to their institution, and that she has simultaneously taken part in observation tours to other universities in Russia as well. 

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