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Recommendations to streamline fuel distribution through SLTB


The Supreme Court has pointed out that there is a need to further streamline the fuel distribution process through the Ceylon Transport Board.

In view of the current economic crisis, two fundamental rights petitions submitted by the Sri Lanka Bar Association were called today (5) asking the government to issue an order to prepare a long-term and short-term program for the continuous provision of services including fuel, electricity, food, essentials and medicines to the people. Accordingly, Supreme Court Judge Vijith Mallalgoda pointed out that the fuel distribution should be streamlined when the FR petitions were taken up.

These petitions were called before the Supreme Court bench comprising Vijith Mallalgoda and Arjuna Obeysekera.

The bench ordered the Sri Lanka Bar Association to file an affidavit containing further proposals to resolve this crisis before the court on the next date.

Consideration of further petitions has been adjourned till August 31.


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