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Repression cannot stop people from rising for their rights – Sadish Selvaraj


Repression and fascist actions cannot solve hunger, and repression cannot stop the people from rising for freedom, for their rights, says young writer Sadish Selvaraj.
He emphasized this at a rally held under the theme ‘Power within the Struggle’ to demand the government to ‘Dissolve Parliament! Concede to a new mandate!’ at Ananda Samarakone Open Air Theatre at Nugegoda yesterday (20th).
He said, “The country has become bankrupt, and the situation is that the international community is pointing fingers at us today because of the manner the rulers ruled the country for 74 years. Today, instead of the leading news headlines about our country’s achievements, the main news headlines are the news that oil, gas and food ships have arrived at the port. Today the country’s work has stopped. We have to wait for the ships to start work.
The country has become like a family suffering from poverty, living by mortgaging their property. Even a village family could not survive that way for long. That has happened to Sri Lanka today. The manufacturing economy has been completely destroyed. The country is now in debt after taking loans with high interest. It has come to the point that all the country’s national resources must be sold. The rulers who ruled the country for 74 years should be responsible for that. This situation has arisen for the country and the people because of the wrong economic policies and the mean political culture the rulers followed.
Since the economic crisis emerged, the National People’s Power has been organizing the people and carrying out various campaigns. But with the slogan “Gota Ho Home”, the people came together. People did not take the next step from there. This economic crisis is not over yet. The battle to build a people’s government is not over. As the NPP, we will continue to engage in fighting until a people’s government is established.

The government arrested the people who acted to contain the attack on ‘Aragalaya’ on May 09 by thugs from Temple Trees but did not punish the thugs involved in the attack. There is no difference between the thug attack launched by the Rajapaksas then and the thug attack launched by the security forces after President Ranil Wickremesinghe came to power. Both are the same. The rulers must remember that hunger cannot be solved by repression and fascist actions. The people are rising for their rights and freedom. It cannot be stopped by repression.”


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