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Photo courtesy of Counterpoint

We cared for Indira Gandhi. She understood

Lankan Tamil plight and the need for redress,

return of lands, control over local affairs.

And how could a liberation movement win

without foreign support? History threw

cold water on our alliances, Indira killed

over Khalistan, her son stupidly for

allowing the I.P.K.F. to rape and plunder

during pacification of the North. Naturally,

Tigers were enraged and nursed revenge

stupidly without thinking of the strategic

consequence of Rajiv’s suicide necklace.

We now have Modi and Hindu lording

in the still multiethnic and cultural India,

and in Sri Lanka descendents of the T.U.L.F,

are still seeking management of domestic

affairs and return of confiscated land.

So many tens of thousands died in these

bloody years but there is still a surplus

of Tamils to work the land and enough

abroad to finance rebirth of the peninsula.

Seize the moment everybody. Remember

heroes and their failures and make

the hard peace, that will bring killers

to trial and punishment before victims’

families gathered in the court, and then

a universal pardon, a healing ceremony,

money paid in recompense.

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