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Rodney appointed as ambassador to Japan : Jayanath dropped


A senior foreign service officer Rodney Perera has been nominated for the vacancy after the resignation of the former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Japan, Sanjiv Gunasekara stepped down in June, it is reported.

Accordingly, the government has canceled the decision to appoint former foreign secretary and retired Admiral Jayanath Colombage as Sri Lanka's ambassador to Japan.

Mrs. Aruni Wijewardena, a professional foreign service officer, was appointed to the position of Foreign Secretary at the end of last May, and it is reported that former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had recommended the appointment of Admiral Jayanath Colombage, who had held that position until then, as the new Ambassador to Japan.

However, the decision to nominate Rodney Perera to replace Jayanath Colombage has been informed to the High Officials Committee of the Parliament.


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