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Sajith-Dullas discuss sharing positions;  Ranil’s victory assured


A special discussion will be held today (18) between the leader of the opposition and leader of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya Sajith Premadasa and Dallas Alahapperuma, the former minister of the SLPP, to share the posts of President and Prime Minister, according to media reports.This discussion is taking place at a time when both of them have already announced that they will run for presidency.

It is said that this discussion is being held with the aim of establishing a common agreement to deal with the decision taken by the SLPP to support Acting President Ranil Wickramasinghe.

However, it is reported that either Sajith or Dullas is expected to be nominated as the President and the other to be announced as the Prime Minister. 

However, it is reported from a very reliable source that the majority of the opposition MPs are pressuring Sajith to run for presidency.

They have reportedly warned that if that does not happen, they would not be able to appoint a Cabinet agreeable to all.

"If Sajith-Dullas separate, Ranil’s victory assured"

Meanwhile, former governor Rajitha Keerthi Tennakoon, says that if Sajith Premadasa and Dullas Alahapperuma contest separately, Ranil Wickramasinghe's victory is guaranteed. 

Keerthi has also published a special post on his Facebook page in this regard.Many are of the view that if Sajith steps down from the presidential race and the SJB-led opposition shares the Premiership, they will win hands down.

Sajith can solve the problems of the country by making a 'national government' which the whole country hopes for as the prime minister.

In the event Sajith and Dullas unite, the TNA vote would be divided 6-4. The two main figures of the TNA Sumanthiran and Shanakiyan will vote in favour of Dullas.

Vigneswaran will stand with Ranil together with Douglas Devananda.

As Douglas is with Ranil, Ponnambalam (AITAK) will support Dullas.However, no one knows what Angajan Ramanathan’s stand is so far.In a secret vote, it is expected that the Tamil/Muslim parliamentarians would support Ranil and not Dullas.

In the event Sajith and Dullas both contest, Ranil is sure to win hands down. According to Tennakoon, although the SJB talks of ousting Ranil, perhaps they don’t really have the desire to do so or they don’t really have a solid action plan.

He says that after the election there is no point in setting the country on fire and that the elected ones must be allowed to resolve the country’s issues.



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