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Scholarships for 18 Hindi students to study in India


    18 Sri Lankan students from all over the country have been offered a Government of India scholarship to study Hindi in India. As a part of the scholarship, the cost of their travel to India, academic fees and local hospitality for a one year course at the Kendriya Hindi Sansthan (KHS) or Central Institute of Hindi, Agra shall be borne by the Government of India.

2.     On 14 September, 2022, High Commissioner Gopal Baglay interacted with selected students before their departure to India and highlighted the role of Hindi language and literature in strengthening the millennia-old cultural, linguistic, literary, and religious ties between India and Sri Lanka. He conveyed his best wishes for their stay in India.

3.     Hindi, which is one of the most popular foreign languages in Sri Lanka, is being taught in almost 80 institutions, including renowned schools and Universities of Sri Lanka.



20 September 2022


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