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Scopes assigned to four state ministries


Scopes have been assigned to four state ministries of the Sri Lanka Government by the Cabinet Ministry under which each state ministry operates.

Accordingly, the State Ministry of Power and Energy, the State Ministry of Mass Media, the State Ministry of Transport and Highways and the State Ministry of Health meet their scopes as follows;

State Ministry of Power and Energy:

Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, Ceylon Petroleum Stock Terminal Company, Trincomalee Petroleum Terminal Company, Sri Lanka Petroleum Development Authority

State Ministry of Mass Media:

Postal Department,Department Of Government Printing, Sri Lanka Press Institute

State Ministry of Health:

Private Medical Regulatory Council,1990 Suvasarya Foundation,National Tobacco and Alcohol Authority,Department of Ayurveda,Ayurvedic Medical Council,Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Medicines Corporation

State Ministry of Transport:

Four institutes including;

Department of Motor Traffic National Road Safety CouncilNational Institute of Transport Medicine

State Ministry of Highways:

Controlled companies under the Road Development Authority and Sahasya Investments Limited

In addition, the Maga Neguma Unit and the State Development and Design Corporation have been assigned to the State Ministry of Rural Road Development.



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