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Several sectors in crisis due to new retirement age


The health sector is facing a major crisis due to the decision taken to reduce the retirement age of state employees to 60, Chairman of the Association of Medical Specialists of Sri Lanka Dr. LakKumar Fernando said.

Accordingly, he said 300 medical specialists and 3,110 doctors who are over 60 years of age are scheduled to retire.

He said the people in rural areas will face more difficulties due to the loss of a large number of specialist doctors.

Dr. Fernando also said that this decision is an ill-advised decision similar to the ban imposed on chemical fertilizers.

As a result, he said the hospitals in rural areas would lose their specialist medical services.

He further said that cancer patients are on the waiting list until 2025 and there should be at least 80 pathologists to treat them."We have only 60 pathologists at the moment and that number may decrease to 40 by January 2023," he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy General Manager of Railways Gamini Senaviratne said that more than 250 employees are scheduled to retire by December this year.

He said there is a shortage of about 7,000 employees in the Railways Department.

He also said there are only 14,000 employees in the Railways Department though it requires 21,000 employees to operate at full capacity.

Accordingly, Mr. Senaviratne said the railway operations will be severely affected from January if there is no solution for the shortage of employees.


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