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Six out of 11 Paediatric Cardiologists left SL

Colombo (LNW): Making yet another tragic development against the local medical sector but far worse endangering the paediatric cardiology services in Sri Lanka, six out of the eleven paediatric cardiologists have left the island, a report by Daily Mirror disclosed. As of now, there are only five fully qualified paediatrict cardiologists available at Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital (LRH), Sirimavo Bandaranaike Specialised Children’s Hospital, Jaffna Teaching Hospital and Kurunegala Teaching Hospitals. The situation appears against the standard number of qualified paediatric cardiologists in Sri Lanka being 20, leading to an increasing number of children being sent to LRH for further treatment, according to the report. The rising number of children admitted to the LRH attributes to the shortage of specialists in the country, a senior medial official told Daily Mirror.

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