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SL Minister seeking commission from Japanese company ‘Taisei’ raises controversy


Following controversial reports on the Japanese government’s unwillingness to aid Sri Lanka due to the country’s corrupt politicians as supposedly disclosed by the Japanese Ambassador to representatives of the Opposition, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has immediately contacted the Embassy in learning the truth to the claim.

Upon the Sri Lankan President’s query, the Japanese Embassy in Colombo has told Rajapaksa that the office had made such a disclosure based on evidence, adding that the Ambassador, however, did not wish to embarrass the GOSL by exposing the claim to the pubic, following which the Embassy had taken measures to rectify the matter.

Disclosing evidence, the Japanese Embassy has told President Rajapaksa that a Cabinet Minister of the present government has sought a commission of millions of US dollars from the Japanese company ‘Taisei’ which is currently involved in the expansion of the Katunayaka Bandaranaike International Airport and that the Company has denied his request.

Furious, the Sri Lankan Head of State has telephoned the said Minister the very next instance and blamed him for his unethical conduct, according to sources.

The Cabinet Minister in question represents the Uva Province and by appearance is a ‘huge’ fellow whose tendency according to his political track record is revealed to be switching parties based on government power for the last two decades, sources further told LNW.



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