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SL strongly criticised at 51st UNHRC Session


The manner in which the Sri Lankan government acted regarding the protesters at the people’s struggle triggered by the economic crisis cannot be accepted, said the acting High Commissioner for Human Rights addressing the 51st Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which commenced today (12) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The commencement of the Session was followed by a minute of silence in commemoration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second of Britain, who passed away last week.

Her comments on Sri Lanka comes in following a report on the country presented on the first day of the Session itself. The High Commissioner also informed the member states about the suffering of the Sri Lankan people due to economic problems and the drained dollar reserves.

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali Sabry who led the local delegation at the Session told the member states that a number of measures are being taken to assure democracy, including the adaptation of the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, adding that any arrest made during the people’s protest was in compliance with the country’s rule of law and that only those accused of committing violence were arrested and not any peaceful protesters.

Meanwhile, strong protests are being carried out in Geneva against the current Sri Lankan regime regarding a number of issues including the repression of activists. The event is endorsed by Sri Lankans living in European countries.



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