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SL to lose peacekeeping opportunity?


An opportunity to send 08 helicopters and a 300-man strong peacekeeping force for peacekeeping missions in Africa could be lost due to the negligence of officials, reports say.

In return, this would also be a lost opportunity to earn much needed dollars as well, reports add.

Recent reports had revealed that the Sri Lanka Air Force has donated $ 110 million to the Treasury, earned by deploying three helicopters and troops for peacekeeping operations in South Sudan.

Despite this, the Treasury has not provided funds for helicopter maintenance and this has led to Sri Lanka losing an opportunity to deploy 08 more helicopters, reports further say.

It is said that the UN is paying $ 5,000 a helicopter per hour and $ 1,400 per crew member. An official who joins as an observer is also paid a monthly salary of $ 6,000, reports note.

Although the Bangladeshi Air Force has already made this a main source of dollar income even hiring helicopters to join UN peacekeeping missions, the SLAF seems to be losing out the opportunity to do the same due to the tug of war between officials.

(Source : Aruna)


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