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SL's biggest gemstone still unsold in Switzerland


The National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA) says that the cluster of spider sapphires which was touted as the largest found in Sri Lanka, is still in Switzerland and remains unsold.

The cluster weighs around 510 kilograms or 2.5 million carats and has been named the "Serendipity Sapphire".

Previously, the NGJA Chairman - Thilak Weerasinghe had said that the stone's value would exceed Rs. 20 billion.

Under the provisions of the Gem and Jewelry Act, a stone which was taken away for inspection or to be sold, must be brought back within 03 months.

However, it is learnt that the gemstone was taken overseas even without paying the necessary 25% deposit. Only the Rs. 10,000 required to take the gem for inspections, had been paid to the NGJA before the stone was obtained from its owner and taken to Switzerland.


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