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SLTDA takes every possible step to revive hospitality industry


Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority is taking “everything possible”step while exploring all avenues to pull the tourism sector towards the positive growth trajectory, an effort that is becoming increasingly challenging as economic conditions worsen in the country.

The locals are faced with the worst possible living conditions experienced in history. However, tourism sector stakeholders are stretching themselves to ensure the experiences are not witnessed by the few international tourists coming into the island nation, said Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) Chairman Priantha Fernando.

“The tourists are not inconvenienced in any way due to the economic crisis that is taking place at present. The sector stakeholders, across all levels are doing the maximum to ensure the few international travellers coming in are cushioned from the crisis.

“We want to make sure they go back with a positive message, and they go back with a memorable experience despite the ongoing issues in the country. That is our priority at present,” Mr Fernando said .

The SLTDA chief stressed that it is critical for Sri Lanka to not lose its credibility and image on the international stage, for which the reality of the country should not be hidden.

“The message we need to deliver to source markets is that despite the difficulties faced, destination Sri Lanka continues to cater to its visitors, ensuring they have a positive experience. We need to speak the truth and get the facts right,” he stressed.

The ongoing ODI series between Australia and Sri Lanka is a definite positive for Sri Lanka Tourism, Fernando said, as it provides the opportunity for the sector stakeholders to showcase their potential during the crisis.

Further, while acknowledging that the government has no room to extend support to the struggling tourism sector, the SLTDA head said the industry should also not be forgotten for support measures that could be rolled out going forward.

Reason being, the industry is a foreign income earner to the country and is currently in need of assistance to sustain.


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