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SPC in crisis – Health Sector collapsed (VIDEO)


The shortage of medicines and surgical equipment and nutritional deficiencies in the food provided in government hospitals triggered by the rising food prices have contributed to a severe crisis in the Health System of Sri Lanka, disclosed Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, speaking to a briefing held in Colombo today (08).

Reminding that a list of 443 medicines had been distributed to suppliers in areas where ‘OSUSAL’ Pharmacies could not be established through the State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC) before 2021 when he was the Health Minister, Dr. Senaratne pointed out that as of August the list was slashed to 93 medicines and that among them are seven types of hand sanitisers and three types of shoes used for diabetes.

In the backdrop, these suppliers are now dropping themselves out from the SPC, making a severe blow in the head against the government’s health sector, he warned.

Meanwhile, reports claimed that the hospital administration of the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital is seeking help from donors given that there is a lack of protein in the meals provided to children receiving residential treatment. Due to the increase in the price goods, the food suppliers have cut off the provision of meals as required.

The SJB MP urged the donors to come forward and provide proper nutritional meals to these children.



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